Abigail Rosenthal is Professor Emerita of Philosophy, Brooklyn College of CUNY. She is the author of A Good Look at Evil, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, now available in a revised, expanded second edition. Its thesis is that good people try to live the sorts of stories that will solve the problematic of their lives as reasonably and realistically as they can, while evil people aim to mess up good people’s stories.

Her next book, Confessions of a Young Philosopher, forthcoming, provides vivid illustrations from her own life. Dr. Rosenthal writes a weekly column for her blog, “Dear Abbie: The Non-Advice Column,” (www.dearabbie-nonadvice.com) where she explores the question of how best to frame the situation of women. She thinks women’s lives are highly interesting. She’s the editor of The Consolations of Philosophy: Hobbes’s Secret; Spinoza’s Way by her late father, Henry M. Rosenthal. Her next book project will be Conversations with My Father, The “Genius” Among The Giants.

She is married to Jerry L. Martin, also a philosopher and author of God: An Autobiography, as told to a philosopher. When they met by telephone, he lived and worked in Washington D.C. and she in New York City. They now live midway, in a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.