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Published Articles

"What Ayer Saw When He Was Dead"
"Feminism Without Contradictions"
"Tales of Rav Tsair"

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Media and Press


1. Front page story, “Tumult Brews at Brooklyn College Over Its Vaunted Core Curriculum,” [The N. Y.] Forward, August 1, 1997.

2. Cover story, “Saving the Core: A Curricular Battle,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 17, 1997. Photo on cover.

3. Full page editorial, “Attack on Academic Standards,” New York Post, August 10, 1997. The editorial did not mention my name, but reflected information I supplied in a long telephone interview.

4. Temple Judea Interview - April 2019

5. Review, "Evil is Not Banal," Process Perspectives, Summer 2019.